Healing through Skype or Messenger

By chance, I, Jos van Heijningen, found out that I possess a “natural gift” to help people manage their health issues by of a form of “hands on healing”. 
If someone becomes ill for whatever reason, it means that there is an disbalance in the body. The energy doesn’t flow as it should. 
We do not know exactly what happens, but I have achieved very good results with many different medical issues. 

In my use of energetic therapy, by giving positive energy and removing negative energy, the misbalance in the body disappears.   Blockades in energy flows are removed, the body regains its balance and symptoms disappear.   This transfer or removal of negative energy can take place by means of my hands, or remotely via telephone or Skype.

Meanwhile I have helped people with: headache / migraine, stress, excessive muscle tension, back problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn’s disease, brain injury etc. Children also respond very well to my energy. Children with ADHD, Autism become calmer or as one of the children called “I have a happy head”. 
Do you also want a child with a “happy head”? 
Let me help you improve your levels of comfort from your health problems. Contact me now.

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Reaktie M.E., Seattle, Washington state, USA

Arjanne, I had an amazing revelation last week. I don’t watch much TV, but happened to see part of a program on alternative medical treatments. Suddenly, it dawned on me…. I really and truly believe that Jos had a hand in my miraculous recovery. People with unresectable pancreatic cancer do not make it, let alone have all evidence of the disease disappear. In August it will be five years since I was diagnosed. It’s now been over 3 1/2 years since I last had any treatment. The five year survival rate is only 6%, and that is for patients who have surgery. I was never a surgical candidate. I think my story would be a good “marketing tool” for Jos’s credibility. Even my oncologist says that if he were to tell another oncologist about me, they would not believe him (and he’s is world renown in the treatment of pancreas cancer). I would be glad to elaborate on this story, if Jos would like to email me. Maija Eerkes

Advocacy Coordinator at Puget Sound Affiliate of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Hi Jos,

How nice that you email to ask how the boys are doing. Martijn is still sleeping better; he is the place to be until one is never. A big profit! Furthermore, the boys have certainly felt more or less 1 to 2 weeks of rest than before. Robin sometimes says he misses you :-))
I myself also felt a week of 2 that something happens in my body and in my head. Naming is difficult, but it’s kind of calm, acceptance dies came over me. I do not know what you mean, but I can not really describe it better than I fear.

Good for you that you have helped ADHD boys again. I am really convinced that you have to “do” something with this; the effect on my children was really gigantic. My daughter (Lisanne) was a little jealous when she heard the stories of her brothers.

Do you like to know what I have had with a friend the NK weekend. I send it as an attachment.

Like I already texting, I had a special experience weekend. We were at the NK Indoor Athletics. Daniel was allowed to participate Saturday and Martijn and I were “in office” all day long. I had the worst feeling that it was the tensions he had in his body for this special race. When I went for a cool pack, there was even a kick in the game secretariat (where I would sit all day). No sooner said than done … Jos even looked at Daniel’s feet, put on some of it and put his hand on Daniel’s Achilles tendon. I saw Daniel become calmer and he indicated that the pain completely disappeared.

When Daniel started his match, I spoke with Jos. He said that Daniel was restless in his head and that he could help him. He said that Daniel was even coming to him later. Daniel was still looking for him and Jos put his hands lightly on his leg. I saw Daniel change; his breathing became slower, he had color in his eyes and changed in his eyes changed. Very special. Daniel said it felt very nice and that his head was so empty.

I told him that Martijn was so difficult and that he said Martijn could come to him. Just before dinner Martijn went to him, without knowing why. I had just said that he even had to go to Jos without “assignment”. When he came back after half an hour he was completely amazed. When Jos had put his hand on his, it was that he had gone away he was rust in his head and he got warm etc. That night Martijn has slept very well (something he did not manage at all in recent weeks). Jos said that Martijn came to him on Sunday because he was not ready yet.

On Sunday, Martijn and Daniel met Jos again, as they obviously had to. It did well again. Later in the day Robin came in and he did not know anything about it. He walked in his famous bouncing way to enter the secretariat and even later he came to sit with me. Jos was there too, and his first hand was his being and Robin thought he was good (he just did not allow that … in itself special). Robin said he was getting terribly hot, saw a lot of color in his face and he said literally “mama, it seems to be moving away from my hypers.” After Robin’s match, he returned to me and went back to Jos. He took his hand and put it on his with the announcement that he liked it when he did.

When Jos later met Daniel and Martijn, was “busy”, I was close by. Martijn said to me at one point: “Mom, what’s the matter with you?”; he saw that I suddenly got terribly hot, which he obviously is not used to. I was so hot, however, that I pulled you out. He said that to Jos and he replied that he that I also had my head / shoulders / neck last. And yes … that’s true! Then he asked me how my neck was, if I even wanted to turn my head … and I just would not hurt anymore! So bizarre. Daniel’s neck, which had been stuck for months, was released after this weekend.

Sunday night seemed a bit strange to me. It was as I could burst into tears at any moment, without actually being directly identified. On Monday I had that feeling the whole day and also had a few heavy crying episodes. It was fierce, but also relieved somewhere.

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